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Owning a Porsche can be exciting and passionate, we share that same passion and enthusiasm

We operate a dedicated Independent Porsche Specialist and as one of the longest established Porsche specialists in the country, we strive to provide outstanding value and service for Porsche clients.

You can be assured of our attention to detail, technical ability and customer service.

When you choose your Porsche service partner, what do you look for ? :-

  •  Competitive pricing, fixed price service menu
  • Factory trained technicians
  • Porsche OE Vehicle Diagnostic equipment used
  • Courtesy car available
  • Labour rate of just £67.50+VAT per hour
  • Genuine Porsche parts and Mobil 1 lubricants used
  • MOT facility, price match guarantee on performance tyres

We have been servicing all Porsche models since 1993. Thousands of Porsche models of all ages have passed through our workshop. We have been fortunate to work on some very rare and special models, mainly from 1970 onwards, but some special cars that we regularly maintain that stand out include’ 73 911 RS and RSR, ’74 2.7 carrera,’76 3.0 turbo, ’86 959, ’88 3.2 clubsport, ’92 964 RS, clubsport and 3.8 RSR, ’95 993 RS, clubsport and numerous GT2 models, ithere are 6 different RHD 993 GT2 models that we have worked on in the past and present. Then moving forward to the water-cooled era, many GT2 and GT3, GT3RS, GT2RS and the V10 Carrera GT model – A very special set of cars that we have been privileged to work on, but rest assured, we give the same level of service and attention to detail on every car that passes through our workshops. On your next visit, you may be lucky to see one of these special models being worked on !

A complete and up to-date service history is essential for optimum performance and safety. It also ensures that when it comes to resale, a potential purchaser will insist on a complete service record. A history of service at Tech 9 will ensure any potential client is satisfied that the vehicle is in good order. We spend lots of time on phone calls to new owners of vehicles that we have serviced in the past, we keep extensive records on file, again, all part of our customer commitment and service.

It is commonplace for Official Porsche Dealers (OPC) to advise their clients that servicing has to be carried out by them, or it will affect their warranty. This is not true*, a new Porsche now carries a three year warranty, and if we service the vehicle using genuine parts then the warranty is not affected.

*If a vehicle has a Porsche extended warranty, then it must be serviced by the OPC

In this section you will note the tabs above for each different model and variant, please select your model, which will locate our servicing information and pricing for all Porsche models, you will then be able to find details and pricing for specific models including minor and major services and also brake fluid changes.

You will also find a link to download our servicing prices in PDF format.

Our service department is fully equipped to deal with all aspects of Porsche repair and maintenance


  • 6 x vehicle lifts
  • Autologic diagnostic facility that enables communication, service reset, Porsche key coding for the most up-to date current models that Porsche offer.
  • Beissbarth 4-wheel alignment
  • Pro-cut on vehicle disc lathe for refacing discs to save costs on replacement.
  • Tyre fitting facilities with latest Hoffmann equipment suitable for low profile performance tyres up to 24” diameter.
  • Mig and TigWelding facilities.
  • Restoration services such as powdercoating, zinc plating, chromating, vapour and other media blasting.
  • Fully equipped Engine and gearbox facility to cover rebuilds, repairs and modification of all Porsche 911 engines and gearboxes from 1964 to late 997 DFI and Turbo engines.



Model Minor Service Major Service Brake Fluid Oil & Filter
Porsche 986 Boxster £259.00 £369.00 £79.00 £149.00
Porsche 987 Boxster £329.00 £429.00 £79.00 £149.00
Porsche 987 Boxster S £329 .00 £429.00 £79.00 £149.00
Porsche 997 Carerra/Targa £399.00 £499.00 £79.00 £149.00
Porsche 997 Turbo/GT2 £425.00 £599.00 £79.00 £149.00
Porsche 997 GT3/GT3RS £425.00 £599.00 £79.00 £149.00
Porsche 996 Carerra/Targa £249.00 £385.00 £79.00 £149.00
Porsche 996 Turbo/GT2 £340.00 £549.00 £79.00 £149.00
Porsche 996 GT3/GT3 RS £309.00 £549.00 £79.00 £149.00
Porsche 993 Carerra £439.00 £559.00 £79.00 £324.00
Porsche 993 Turbo/GT2 £499.00 £699.00 £79.00 £324.00
Porsche 993 RS £439.00 £559.00 £79.00 £324.00
Porsche Panamera 4/Diesel £379.00 £449.00 £79.00 £149.00
Porsche Panamera S/4S/GTS £399.00 £469.00 £79.00 £149.00
Porsche Panamera Turbo £399.00 £469.00 £79.00 £149.00
Porsche 987 Cayman £329.00 £429.00 £79.00 £149.00
Porsche 987 Cayman S £329.00 £429.00 £79.00 £149.00
Porsche Cayenne £299.00 £459.00 £79.00 £149.00
Porsche Cayenne Diesel £299.00 £479.00 £79.00 £149.00
Porsche Cayenne S/Hybrid £349.00 £449.00 £79.00 £149.00
Porsche Cayenne Turbo £349.00 £449.00 £79.00 £149.00
Porsche Cayenne V6/Diesel £349.00 £499.00 £79.00 £149.00
 Porsche 964 (all models) £439.00  £749.00  £79.00  £324.00 
 Porsche 965 (911 Turbo) £499.00  £799.00  £79.00  £324.00 

 Porsche 911 3.2

£249.00  £549.00  £79.00  £249.00 
 Porsche 911 3.0 £249.00  £549.00  £79.00  £249.00 
Porsche 911 early 2.0 - 2.7  £249.00  £549.00  £79.00  £249.00 
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