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Tech 9 offer an exclusive range of suspension parts. We only offer premium parts but at really great prices. We work with brands such as Polybush, OHLINS, Bilstein, Eibach and many more. The section above breaks down each suspension part you may need. Through our experience in British and European GT Championship victories and quadrupale success at Tour Britannia, we can fit, sell, and inform any customer about the effects of any high specifiaction part such as premium suspension. 




The Öhlins Road & Track range for Porsche covers a major part of all 996 and 997 models with kits for all needs. It’s a kit designed for track day use and club racing but with the DFV technology it also offers superb handling and comfort on the way to and from the tracks. The Road & Track kit with DFV technology is a kit now developed with Porsche specific settings. The DFV technology acts like a high and low speed blow off valve and with adjustable compression and rebound the days of compromise are over. This kit works surprisingly well on the road as well as at high speed on racing tracks, whether it is trackdays or racing. The settings have been developed using both shake rigs and testing by racing drivers to make sure the Öhlins DNA is present. These kits are in a light weight design with most of the parts in aluminum and have been corrosion tested and comes with a two year limited warranty. They are also TÜV approved. For the 997 GT3 and GT2 models there is also a very advanced racing kit developed using the Öhlins twin tube TTX technology. This kit is especially developed for high end racing and also TÜV approved.

The all new Porsche Club Race package is a pure racing breed with its DNA inextricably linked to our enviable motorsport expertise at Öhlins Racing. The package is a unique combination of a 46 mm, two-way adjusted front mounted shock and a light weight 36 mm shock with an integral reservoir in the rear.

The TTX46 MT Club Race Strut has a forged cylinder head and is two-way adjusted, which separates it from the TTX46 MT. As the piston is solid, all adjustments are made through these

adjusters. Use the TTX46 MT Club Race together with the TTX36, they make a perfect match. The TTX36 is a Twin Tube piggy back damper, two‑way adjusted, one‑way rebound and one‑way compression. One of the advantages with this damper is the integral reservoir that makes it very compact.                                                                               



• 46 mm solid piston twin tube through rod damper

• 30 mm shaft

• Compression and Rebound adjusters

• Fully pressure balanced

• High end performance at a mid‑range price

• For 60 mm spring



• 36 mm solid piston twin tube damper

• 14 mm solid shaft

• Compression and Rebound adjuster

• Fully pressure balanced

• High end performance at a mid‑range price

• For 57 mm spring




Polyurethane is an ideal material for making into suspension bushes. Its combination of high tensile strength and elasticity translates into immense durability in the toughest conditions. Polyurathane Bushes have excellent relilience, springing back in to shape effortlessly to absorb shock and prevent dirt ingress and wear. Lastly, it doesn't age or perish - rubber bushes both perish and are attacked by oils and fuels.

Anti Roll Bar Bushes

You need the relilience of polyurethane to ensure a tight fit to the bar. This avoids knock and squeaks from loose bushes and minimises wear. The "Comfort" grade is best for this, but the "Performance" grade is best. 

Control Arm Bushes

Polyurethane's elasticity allows control arms to move as intended whilst its tensile strength soaks up punishment from cornering, braking, accelerating and poor road surfaces. Go for a "Comfort" grade bush to preserve ride quality for longer, or choose the harder "Performance" grade to improve body control and steering.

Spring Bushes

Spring bushes are subject to the same forces as a control arm bush, as well as supporting the weight of the vehicle. Polybushes, with their combination of strength and elasticity, improve bush life and ride quality in on.

Shock Bushes

Shock bushes can crush down leaving the shock to rattle on its mountings. Polyurethane's resilience counters this without needing as hard a bush, so you can specify the "Touring" grade for all but the most arduous applications.

Mounting Bushes

All the vehicle's moving components cause noise and vibration so Polybush make a range of mounting bushes for steering, suspension, engines and transmissions. The polyurethane isolates these unwanted buzzes and rattles, but holds the components firmly in place improving ride smoothness and body control.



If you expect more damping power from your shock absorber – even under loads – but don’t want to opt for an all-out sports model, the BILSTEIN B6 is the ideal solution. If you expect more damping power from your shock absorber – even under loads – but don’t want to opt for an all-out sports model, the BILSTEIN B6 is the ideal solution.

  • Precision adjustment of the three preset auto-modes (Comfort, Normal and Sport) by varying the acceleration thresholds, switching times and filter parameters to create an individual suspension setting
  • The optimum basic setting of the auto modes for the shock absorbers is determined through BILSTEIN driving trials
  • Graphic output of the longitudinal and transverse acceleration on the iPhone
  •  Saving the modes and the precision adjustment parameters
  • Sport+“ mode for superb vehicle dynamics and maximum reserves of performance when driving at the limit
  • Comfort+“ mode for gentle compensation of bumps in the road
  • Real-time adjustment while driving is possible
  • Filtering of vertical accelerations (variable)
  • Illumination of the RC button can be individually chosen
  • Outstandingly clear layout and easy handling of the BILSTEIN-iRC-App.


Impress others with a dynamic, wedge-shaped appearance – and be impressed by superior handling and a sensational price/performance ratio. If you’re looking for the perfect combination of sporty dynamics, a superior appearance and high performance, you’re on exactly the right track with this BILSTEIN B12 sport suspension. The BILSTEIN engineers have transferred all of their professional motor racing (VLN) experience to the road-legal club sport area in order to create the new B16 RideControl ©. This will allow you to make your settings more customised when you work on your next club sport arrangement.

A convenient feature has been added to the famous BILSTEIN B16 ridecontrol®: the active suspension control, which can be regulated with the new iPhone-App.  An exclusive power class for exclusive cars: Porsche or Nissan GT-R owners, who have already chosen to experience the pleasure of a groundbreaking active suspension (in the case of the Nissan GT-R, a series), can now get better acquainted with this individual solution.


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