Tech 9 Engine Rebuild - 1970 2.2T
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Tech 9 Engine Rebuild - 1970 2.2T

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 The Tech 9 engine shop has produced yet another stunning rebuild. The brief from the client was to fully rebuild a 1970 2.2T engine to concours standards

The original Zenith Carburetors were completely stripped, vapour blasted and rebuilt with all parts Yellow Zinc plated. All the throttle linkages, again treated by zinc plating

The steel airbox assembly and lower mounts were first repaired by ensuring any dents were finished, the parts then powdercoated the correct shade of factory black finish.

The engine, stripped to every nut and bolt, was prepared first by having the Magnesium engine cases ultrasonic cleaned, then treated in our Chromate bath, to achieve the original factory ‘grey’ appearance that replicates when the engine was first built. The other casings were treated to the same process.

Inside the engine the crankshaft journals were sized and polished and the assembly balanced. The con-rods had new small end bushes installed, and the big-ends checked for ovality. A new oil-pump ensures the heart of the engine is strong, the original pistons and cylinders were badly worn, so a new set of Mahle 84mm were installed. Cylinder heads fully reconditioned with recut sealing faces, new valves, and optimized valve seat geometry.


Camshafts reprofiled, new rocker shafts and arms ensure accurate valve geometry


If you would like a quote on rebuilding your classic 911 engine, we can offer various build options varying from leak repairs, or top-end rebuilds to full concours builds such as the engine featured here – please contact us at or call 0151 4255 911

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