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New TECHART UK Brochure for 991 Turbo S
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New TECHART UK Brochure for 991 Turbo S

posted in Tech9 News! by Tech 9 on 19:45 Mar 25th, 2014<< Back to Tech9 News!

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Today, TECHART UK released their publicity on the recently unveiled Aero Kit I for the 911 Turbo and Turbo S. Excitingly; they have combined their aesthetic enhancements with a wonderful sport package. However, the best news about this particular release is that it comes with prices! All individual parts have a price as well as a complete package price.

Needless to say, the package looks amazing! TECHART have opted to continue with the Rear Spoiler II which has an integrated central brake light as one of the many options that come with the 991 Turbo. Also, TECHART have also decided to promote their Sport Design Package a little more prominently, placing the dual custom colour design on their main model that features prominently. The Sport Design Package is a vinyl placed over to the bonnet, roof and rear end of the 991 Turbo as well as just above the side skirts, near the front wheel arches. Not only can you select any dual colour scheme, you can also choose what name you want at the side of the car, whether it’s your name or the model name.
As you can imagine, the Aero Kit I comes with headlight trims, side skirts and rear diffusor but some of the other features the kit contains is ensuring it compliments certain original Porsche parts well. The Front Spoiler I works perfectly with the active front spoiler on the 991 Turbo S from Porsche. TECHART also give you the choice of a contrast colour scheme for the wing mirrors or place an additional TECHART part. The list goes on of the modifications to the body, but no description does it justice as well as the pictures.
The fun doesn’t stop there, TECHART UK are currently running a special offer on their T.1 Power Kit for the 991 Turbo. For £3995 inc. VAT and fitting you get a monstrous 880nm of torque (700nm as standard) reaching 204mph (197mph) from its new found courage under the name of 620bhp (560bhp as standard) Even the acceleration has increased, posing an impressive 2.8 seconds (3.1 as standard) to get to 62mph/100kmh. 
Along with the prodigious ECU Power Kit, TECHART have slapped a valve-controlled exhaust system with the choice of chrome or matt black tailpipes on the 991 Turbo, giving you the option to open up the sound of god in the countryside or keep it civil when you slip through sleepy villages. The sound is truly impressive, making the utmost of the flat-six under the hood.
Many of you will agree that wheels complete a car and TECHART have taken that view to the extreme. The brand new Formula IV alloys, launched at Frankfurt last year are breath-taking to say the least. As well as being the most impressive wheel to date, they are very affordable in comparison to its predecessor. £3229 without tyres but inc. VAT is a significant difference on the Formula III and quality hasn’t been sacrificed as a result either. A twin spoke look with an excellent finish, the Formula IV is cleverly designed. It appears like a centre lock wheel (from a distance) due to its design, perpetuating the more beautiful aspect of the wheels and hiding the functional parts well. 
So, it sounds great, goes faster and looks simply beautiful. TECHART UK are charging £35,000 for the entire package. That is with Formula IV alloys with tyres, power kit, exhaust and the entire Aero Kit I including VAT, fitting and paint.
Even with the vinyl finish and the entire kit fitted it somehow seems to maintain that subtle magnificence every Porsche comes with, not looking like it’s been kicked out of a cereal box or a footballers nightmare and with its enhanced performance, comes across as an unsung hero – earning praise from the savvy and being under-appreciated by the posers.
It finally seems the 991 is coming into itself with the emergence of the Turbo and S models. It’s price is at a level that means taking it that little further seems like a small investment when you think of the performance levels it achieves…

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