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Benefits of Using Swissvax
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Benefits of Using Swissvax

posted in Tech9 News! by Tech 9 on 09:20 Mar 25th, 2014<< Back to Tech9 News!

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Swissvax are a company who specialise in producing a range of the highest quality car aftercare products available anywhere in the world, with over three generations testing and improving their formulas. Every one of their products is produced in their factories in Switzerland and contains some of the rarest and most expensive ingredients ever used in automotive finishing waxes and polishes.


How Can Swissvax Products Work On My Car?


The beauty of Swissvax products is that they can work on all types of car no matter how old or new. The range of products has grown extensively over the company’s lifetime, where they now have different products which can preserve and enhance any area of your car including paintwork, glass and metal care, engine maintenance, interior care, convertible care and more, with various products within these areas which can help with a specific problem such as body scratches or faded leather.

Swissvax products are unrivalled by any other aftercare products and work in any weather condition no matter how hot or cold. They are used by many of the most prestigious car makers and vintage car owners, as they are used by companies such as Rolls-Royce, Spyker, Lamborghini and Mercedes-Benz, who offer their customers high quality Swissvax products in their own car care ranges.

Swissvax protection is most effective when started from day one. Many manufactures now ship new cars with very little protection for the paintwork, so by having the car treated by a Swissvax protection system before you receive it, you can ensure the car will always be protected and stays looking great for many years.

Often the best way to begin a Swissvax protection is by using pre-treatment products including their highly popular Cleaner Fluid Regular, which is an abrasive free nourishing paintwork pre-treatment which instead of abrasives uses “heavy” polishing oils to give the paintwork an extremely smooth surface and the basis for sealing with a Swissvax carnauba wax, by completely removing any layers of old wax and other build ups on the bodywork.

Sealing paintwork using Swissvax waxes is made much easier compared with any other car waxes you will find, this is because of the natural ingredients and meticulous production methods used in every one of their products. Simply apply a thin layer with your hands, leave for a few minutes and polish off easily, without any residues or never-ending polishing required. Swissvax waxes offer the tremendous benefit of leaving no white residue on edges or in bodywork crevices.


The Complete Range Of Swissvax Products Available At Tech 9


At Tech9 we stock a range of Swissvax detailing products for both exteriors and interiors at the lowest prices, with free delivery with any purchase of our Swissvax items. We are the number one re-seller of Swissvax in the UK, with exclusivity of these products on our website. For more information about our full range of products, please email us at sales@tech9.ms or call us on 0151 4255911.


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