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About Us


Since 1993, Tech 9 has prepared various race cars to an outstanding degree of success. Primarily Porsche has been our mainstay, but we have also diversified into other marques when the right opportunity was presented. Looking back at the early 90's success in the Porsche Cup, which was primarily production based cars which saw us preparing various models of Porsche, namely 944S2 and Turbo, 968, and 911 models 964 then 993.

The late 90's led to a desire to break into GT racing. It was considered at the time that the pinnacle of this type of racing was the TVR Tuscan Challenge. These cars were mighty 460bhp, weighing 860kg, and featuring some of the best drivers in the UK. It has proven that most of the front runners developed into GT drivers. 1997 saw a learning year, and with the foundations and principles of engineering these cars, in 1998 we secured the Championship win. We had engineered the car to the front of the grid, with dedication and determination, developing our own suspension dampers and limited slip differential, to give us the edge over the competition.

The turn of the millennium, saw Tech 9 breaking into British GT, and campaigns with Porsche in 993 GT2's and Marcos, with the mighty Mantara LM600, gave us new experience in endurance racing. A season in the Carrera Cup GB in 2002, netted 2nd place overall in the championship with the 996 GT3. 2003 was really a turning point, with corporate sponsorship for the team, we embarked upon a 5 year run in GT racing, that proved to be formidable. Netting Championship and class wins in 2003, 2004 and 2005 in British GT, then turning our attention to the newly formed FIA GT3 European Championship in 2006, with a squad of three 997 GT3 Cup machines. 

Mission Statement

Tech 9 is committed to being different. We see a market filled with parts for vehicles across the web in a very saturated market. We see nominal differences in price and services which make it difficult for you to distinguish who is your best option. Tech 9 wants to be the first port of call for Porsche customers to search when looking to modify, enhance or maintain their vehicle. We also want to be the UK’s biggest re-seller of products we offer for a multitude of vehicles.

Why shop with us? We know how to get the best out of everything. We invest a lot of time and money into making sure every aspect of our business works to its best. From the way the item is packed to the quality of the product. We are not a company that sells cheap alternatives or average quality items, we sell the best.  It is this mentality that has served us well in winning virtually every major competition we have participated in.

We have worked in the motor industry for over 20 years and have built a reputation for providing excellent customer service and building trust with our customers. We don’t just believe in selling parts for profits but being a part of the care vehicles need to stay beautiful. We not only sell Porsche parts but also restore, repair, service and rebuild Porsches. 

So we hope you enjoy the store…

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